Fil Nguyen

Initial Post

So this is a site I’ve wanted to set up for some time now. Unfortunately my name is too great to get my regular real name as the domain. Either way, I’ve had this domain for like, 6 months so I’m glad the journey starts here.

Why now?

I actually have another website which is a static site that uses Hugo + deploys to Github Pages for free static pages. This site is actually hosted on WordPress via Google Compute Engine(GCE). It’s technically a marketplace solution for WordPress but I’m getting into WordPress for 2 reasons

  1. I needed a Dynamic Site
  2. I wanted to utilize existing E-Commerse tools to set up a site

The good thing is that I’m setting up WordPress in such a way where I’ll piggy back off the same server to create both site(and any future ones).

That’s enough for post 1. Cheers!

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